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Beat Your Kindle Competition By Adding Video To Your Books

  • Readers who are engaged and having fun are readers who buy more books.  And a great way to engage your readers is by adding video to your Kindle books.  And the great news is most other Kindle authors aren’t even aware that you can add video much less know how to do it.  When you invest in this fast-and-easy course YOU WILL and you’ll blow right past your competition.

Add Music and Audio To Your Books

  • Audio and music in your Kindle book is a great way to make the content of your book “come alive” and is therefor much more enjoyable to readers of your books.  Plus, you can use audio to include brief explanations of more complex subject matter in your books once again making your book that much more valuable for your reader.

Save On KDP Delivery Fees... And Still Include Videos

  • Fact is, KDP delivery fees can take a massive bite out of Kindle profits especially when you include large video files in your books.  Fortunately, you’ll discover a work around that will allow you to include video links that keep your delivery fees way down while still providing huge value to your readers AND allowing you to price your books in the 70% royalty sweet spot of $2.99 to $9.99.  You CAN have your cake and eat it too!

Easy To Use Free Video Making Software

  • Of course, if you want to add videos to your Kindle books you’ll need a way to make them.  This course also reveals some of THE BEST and EASIEST TO USE video making software available anywhere.  And best of all the software is FREE to use even for commercial purposes!

Only  $200

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Here's How This Massive Deal Benefits You:

  • Interactive Kindle books provide much higher value to readers and makes it much easier for you to build super-fans!
  • Build your list fast by including videos and audios in your Kindle books that describe free value-added bonuses
  • Easier to rank your Kindle books on Amazon because there is far less competition for books with video and audio
  • Until the innovations detailed in this course only big New York trade publishers had the ability to publish video Kindle books... Now you can compete on this leveled playing field too

Massive Value
Yours for ONLY $200!

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